Disciple-Making Movement

Learn more about the Disciple-Making Movement that Share is implementing to reach more and more unreached villages in the shortest time possible.

Spiritual Growth

“Disciples making disciples” is the goal in every church plant throughout Turkanaland. The churches see over 46,000 worshippers combined each month where ministries to men, women, and children take place, teaching them through the Word of God.

Adult Literacy

Share works toward reducing illiteracy in Turkanaland through the Adult Literacy ministry. The purpose is to enable the people to read the Bible for themselves. Share has 30 ongoing Adult Literacy classes in villages throughout Turkanaland.


Learn more about how we equip the people to spread the Gospel and lead the churches through the Share International Missions Institute (SIMI), Bible Pathways, and training Sunday School Teachers to plant the seed of faith into the children.

Short Term Outreach & Relief Mission (STORM)

Since 1997, Share has ministered to the Turkana people through annual short-term mission trips made up of believers in the U.S. and Africa. The purpose of these trips is to expose and sensitize participants to God’s love for another people-group and discover how they can use their God-given talents & gifts to minister to others.

Nurturing Through Partnerships

Share partners with other Christian organizations that facilitate ministry to the whole person through the provision of physical, cognitive, economic, and structural fabric.

Train, Send, & Support Missionaries, Expository Preaching Trainers, and Sunday School & Adult Literacy Teachers

Share Mission: To equip and deploy indigenous missionaries who share the Gospel and their very lives by establishing disciple-making congregations throughout Turkanaland and beyond. Share has commissioned, and is currently supporting 132 trained missionaries across Turkanaland. Among them are 14 trainers on expository preaching. A total of 144 Sunday School teachers have been trained and commissioned; and Adult Literacy classes increased to 30 in 2019.