The Turkana Women

We all can identify with the never ending “to-do” list and for the Turkana women that’s no different. Here are just a few things you might find on her to-do list:

  • Gather firewood
  • Walk great distances to fetch water
  • Build the grass hut that she and her family live in

“About 80% of the people in the remote Turkana villages who come to a church planted by a Share International-supported missionary are women.”

~ Sammy Murimi

We have seen a spiritual explosion in the past few years among the Turkana people, and it is driven primarily by women. With the great numbers of those coming to Christ throughout Turkanaland, we have established 10 Regional Blocks with plans to construct permanent buildings in each for the villagers to meet in for prayer, worship, and teachings.


Our women’s ministry directors, Sarah Esekon and Anna Karimojong, have been reporting great things they are seeing from out in the field. The Turkana women are so excited for a new church that even though they have next to nothing they are finding ways to donate towards the construction.

Sarah recently reported, “The women in Kalokutanyang village have purchased 80 iron sheets, 2 doors, and 4 windows for anticipated construction of a church structure.”

Would you consider saying


to partnering with the women of Kalokutanyang to build their new church where men, women, and children can gather to worship, pray, and learn more about the wonderful message of Christ.