Sammy Ekhamais Lukosi


    Adopted Kids:

    Mercy Akeno (16 years), Samwel Ethuron (14 years)

    Lokichar Ekiru (12 years), Elijah Achuka (8 years)

    Ekiru Lobokhan (7 years), Eliud Lokusi (4 years)

    SIMI Class: 2017-2018

    Block: Nayada Block

    Village: Lapur

    Lapur has a population of 1700. They believe more in traditions than the Word of God.

    The area’s economic activity is sale of livestock.

    Church Progress:

    As a result of witnessing by missionary Sammy, he has a church of 38 members, 17 youth, and 17 Sunday School children who worship under a huge tree.


    Updates from the field:

    April 2019


    Prayer Needs



    Note To Sponsor

    March 2019


    Prayer Needs



    Note To Sponsor

    February 2019

    In February the average attendance at services in Lopur was 58. They added 8 new members.

    Prayer Needs

    – People to leave their cultural beliefs and worship God

    – Adopted children to get the school fees that they need

    – To start the process of building a place for us to worship in



    – Walking on foot long distances to visit villages

    – Illiteracy of church members

    – Lack of water in the area

    – Worshiping under a tree

    Note To Sponsor

    Greetings from me and my family in Jesus name, Son of the most High God. We are hoping that you are fine. Thank you for your great support. Showers of blessings be upon you always.

    January 2019

    Missionary Sammy is the pastor at the church in Lopur where the average attendance in the month of January was 75. They saw two new members added this month. They did an outreach to the village of Nayenaekigol. There are now 12 members enrolled in the discipleship class there. Missionary Sammy has six elders that have been trained to help him in the work of evangelism to the area villages.

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    Note To Sponsor

    Dear Sponsor,

    Greetings in Jesus name. May God bless you and your family as well as you stand beside us in God’s ministry. God bless you.