Peter Ekiru Ekuwom


    Wife: Mary Akwee


    Walcott Emeyan (31 years), Mc Mario Gideon (26 years)

    Magdaline Moru (22 years), Stephen Ekal (18 years)

    Grace Nanok (14 years), Eli Lochu (5 years)

    Adopted Kids:

    Naomi Atabo Ekiru (19 years)

    SIMI Class: 2017-2018

    Block: Nakiria Block

    Village: Kanyangapus

    Kanyangapus has 100 people with different beliefs, others in God, and some in lesser gods of the sun, moon, stars, and witch craft.

    The area’s activity for earning a living includes hunting, gathering of wild fruits, and livestock/product selling, such as milk and meat.

    Church Progress:

    Upon the evangelization of Peter, he has reached 47 adults, 20 youth, and 23 Sunday school children. They usually meet under a tree for worship.


    Updates from the field:

    April 2019

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    March 2019

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    February 2019

    Missionary Peter is the pastor of the church in Kanyangapus where the average church attendance for the month of February was 40. He is planning an outreach to the village of Moru Engor sometime in the future.

    Prayer Needs

    – That God would open up ways for getting water to our community

    – That God would provide the much needed rain



    – Lack of transportation to get to the villages

    – No nearby medical clinics or school programs

    Note To Sponsor

    Dear Friend,

    Thanks to God for His provision for you to supply with the means to attend Biblical training. This has made me understand how to deliver the Word of God in a way that my people will understand it. God bless.

    January 2019

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