Joseph Nakuwa Ekure


    Wife: Lucy Ebenyo


    Beautrice Akura (10)

    Jairo Ewesit (5)

    Jason Ekomwa (7 months)

    Adopted Kids:

    Veronica Epur (5 – Kindergarten)

    SIMI Class: 2017-2018

    Block: Kachoda Block

    Village: Nalepiet

    Population: 3600. Their economic activities are nomadic pastoralists and farming, while some are doing small scale business. The village is known for general worship of idols under the control of demonic spirits in which the witch doctors are the mediums. Some common idols of worship in the area are the stars, moon, and charms. The villagers believe them as the source of life and protection.

    Church Progress:

    As a result of evangelizing and witnessing by missionary JOSEPH NAKUWA EKURE. The church members and enrollment are increasing rapidly. A number of 37 adults have given their lives to Christ. The number of born again youth is 42, Sunday school children is 68, and they worship God regularly.


    Updates from the field:

    April 2019

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    March 2019

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    February 2019

    Missionary Joseph is the pastor at the church in Nalepiet where the average church attendance was 54 people in the month of February. He currently has nine people enrolled in discipleship classes and has three elders trained to help him with evangelism and outreach. He also serves the village of Natamakaruo where around 26 people meet for church. He is looking at doing an outreach in the village of Kaalem in the near future.

    Prayer Needs

    – The work of the Lord to go ahead with courage and courageous people



    – Long distances to where the church has been planted

    – Lack of support to the needy church members

    – Lack of local transportation to get to another village when there are meetings

    – Migration of people in search of water and food for their families and livestock

    Note To Sponsor

    Dear friend,

    Thank you so much for the kind heart you have by supporting my family and I. God bless.

    January 2019

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