Joseph Lokuruka Ekai


    Wife: Veronica Nakutan Akeru


    Daniel Erot, Anna Akamu

    Dorcas Akiru, Joseph Erosipus

    Adopted Kids:

    Peter Akuta, Robert Losike

    David Emuria

    SIMI Class: 2017-2018

    Block: Katapakin Block

    Village: Dero

    With a population of 1500, their economic activities include nomadic pastoralists and farming, while some are doing small scale business in DERO village. The village is known for general worship of idols under the control of demonic spirits in which the witch doctors are the mediums. Some common idols of worship in the area are the stars, moon, and charms. The villagers believe them as the source of life and protection.

    Church Progress:

    As a result of evangelizing and witnessing by missionary JOSEPH LOKURUKA EKAI, the church members are increasing in a fantastic number.


    Updates from the field:

    April 2019


    Prayer Needs




    Note To Sponsor

    March 2019


    Prayer Needs




    Note To Sponsor

    February 2019

    In the month of February the average attendance was 122 in the village of Dero. Six new members were added to the church this month. They have six people enrolled in discipleship classes and ten people gave their lives to Christ.

    Prayer Needs

    – Pray for church construction to be completed

    – Pray for children’s school fees



    – Lack of medical clinic near by

    – Lack of water

    – Walking long distances to reach distant villages

    Note To Sponsor

    Dear friend,

    Thank you a lot for your fantastic support you have given me and my family. Showers of blessings be upon you. God bless.

    January 2019

    Missionary Joseph is the pastor of the church in Katapakin where an average of 101 people meet each week for services. Six new members were added this month. They did an outreach to a nearby village where 5 people gave their lives to Christ. There are 6 people enrolled in the discipleship class. Missionary Joseph has six elders that have been trained to help him with evangelism in the area. He also ministers to the church in Nadoto Shakina where 95 meet weekly. They had seven new members join the church this month.

    Prayer Needs

    – Need for structure for my family

    – Church structure

    – Fees for my children


    – Transportation means

    – Famine

    Note To Sponsor

    I would like to thank Share International for your support. God bless you. You are the one that God sent to help me in order that the light of God could be spread to the people of my country, especially the Turkana people. Thank you.