Ingolan Ekidor Lokiyor


    Wife: Leah Akatorot Ingolan


    James Ekuyen (12 years), Joseph Lore (10 years)

    Esther Asinyen (5 years), Irine Ebei (3 years)

    Eliud Ekal (6 months)

    Adopted Kids:

    Arot Lokyor (8 years)

    SIMI Class: 2017-2018

    Block: Chokchok Block

    Village: Narengo

    With a population of 60, their economic activities include nomadic pastoralists and farming, while some are doing small scale business in NARENGO village. The village is known for general worship of idols under the control of demonic spirits in which the witch doctors are the mediums. Some common idols of worship in the area are the stars, moon, and charms. The villagers believe them as the source of life and protection.

    Church Progress:

    As a result of evangelizing and witnessing by missionary David Ingolan, the church members and enrollment are increasing rapidly. A number of 100 adults have given their lives to Christ and worship together regularly. The number of born again youth is 60 and Sunday school children is 120.


    Updates from the field:

    April 2019

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    March 2019

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    February 2018

    Missionary Ingolan is the pastor of the church in Narengo where the average attendance at services this month was 77. They saw five new members join the church this month. They did an outreach to the village of Lokutama where six people accepted Christ. Missionary Ingolan has four elders that have been trained and work with him doing evangelism in the area. He is planning on doing an outreach in the village of Kakwaat in the future.

    Prayer Needs

    – Drought and famine in Narengo area

    – Insufficient family need of clothes and medicine

    – Scarcity of water in the area

    – Witch doctors preaching their traditional beliefs



    – Lack of a medical clinic nearby

    – Lack of support to the needy members in our church

    – Low church attendance due to migration of people in search of food and water for their families and livestock

    Note To Sponsor

    Thank you for sponsoring me so that I could attend the Biblical studies course so that I in turn can carry the message of the Gospel to the people of Turkana. God bless you.

    January 2019

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