Daniel Lemzi Eregae


    Wife: Joyce Arupe


    Boaz Kebo Lemzi (8 years), Josephat Aleper Lemzi (6 years)

    Paulina Atabo Lemzi (4 years), Justus Ekai Lemzi (2 years)

    Jeniffer Awesit Lemzi (1 year)

    Adopted Kids:

    Daniel Esekon Alih (9 years), Angolol Muhammed (8 years)

    SIMI Class: 2017-2018

    Block: Chokchok Block

    Village: Napetet

    It has 7210 people in the village. As usual, the entire area coverage is full of witchcraft and sorceries as a means of protection. Small business is the reliable economic activity in the area.

    Church Progress:

    Upon the missionary’s approach to the residents of Napetet, 81 members have given their lives to Christ Jesus. They usually meet in a semi-permanent building. The members include 14 women, 6 men, 28 youth, and 34 Sunday school children.


    Updates from the field:

    April 2019

    Prayer Needs



    Note To Sponsor

    March 2019

    Prayer Needs



    Note To Sponsor

    February 2019

    In February the average attendance in Kalotum was 42. They had eight people accept Christ and eight enroll in the discipleship class.

    Prayer Needs

    – Believers to get rooted in the Word of God

    – Kalotum village is in need of a church building

    – God to miraculously touch village elders to offer land for a church building



    – People to accept God with their whole heart

    Note To Sponsor

    Dear Friend,

    Thanks for your sponsorship and fellowship which enables me to preach to Gospel to my people. God bless.

    January 2019

    Missionary Daniel is the pastor of the church in Kalotum where the average attendance in January was 65. They added three new members this month. They did an outreach to the village of Narangemunyen where seven people accepted Christ and seven people are enrolled in the discipleship class. Missionary Daniel has two elders who have been trained to help him with evangelism in the area. He also serves the church in Gold where about 20 people meet for services. They added two new members this month.

    Prayer Needs

    – Pray for the church construction to be completed

    – Pray for school fees for the children

    – Rain



    – Lack of medical clinic

    – Lack of support for needy church members

    – Low church attendance

    – Migration of people in search of food and water for their families and livestock

    Note To Sponsor

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you so much for the kind heart that you have. Thank you for supporting me and my family. God bless.