Men’s Ministry

This story is about Peter. He, his wife, and 3 sons live in the village of Nabwel-pus. He is a goat herder like most of the men in the village, having done this since he was about 10 years old. Consequently, most of the men did not attend school for more than a couple of years and are illiterate. Despite his inability to read or write, he showed great enthusiasm and grasp of the Gospel.

On day 2 in Peter’s village, our team shared their testimonies. Several men including Peter gave their lives to Christ. On the 3rd day Peter and two other men gave their testimonies, and then presented the information about creation, our broken world, and redemption that they learned. Pray for Peter and his family that they will all grow in their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s because of your financial and prayer support that testimonies like these are possible. It costs $2,000 to reach a remote village with the good news of Christ. Please consider partnering with us to reach more villages in 2020.

When the MEN of the villages hear the Gospel, they can lead their families in the ways of Christ.

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