Watch the amazing story of a former witch doctor giving his life to Christ!

Since 1997, Share has reached and planted churches among 400,000 to 500,000 Turkana people within a geographical region encompassing 700,000 of the 1M Turkana population.

We believe we can reach the remaining population by 2021 through our Block Strategy Initiative. This decentralization strategy has now been affirmed as our new organizational structure for advancing the ministry in Turkanaland and beyond.

Our staff and missionaries have now created and are building a mindset among themselves that is transitioning and moving them together from the training at the SEND Center (that they are accustomed to) towards a less comfortable and new environment at the Block Centers where their respective ministries will take place.

We want to build strong servant-leadership in the Blocks. Each staff leader of our various ministries is now developing his/her “Timothy” in each Block in a more aggressive manner.