Disciple-Making Movement Initiative: Training, Outreach, Evangelism, Church Planting, Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

It takes $2000 to plant a church in one village. Help us reach every village in the shortest time possible by sponsoring a church plant!

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Since 1997, Share has reached and planted churches among 60-65% of the 1M Turkana people. We believe we can reach the remaining population in the next few years through our Disciple Making Movement (DMM) Initiative.

We have divided Turkanaland into 10 Zones (previously called “Blocks”), each of which have a Supervisor, a Coordinator, 3 Monitors, Motivators (formerly “missionaries”), and Champions. We have structured the DMM hierarchy to ensure increased multiplication of disciples, accountability, and sustainability of DMM long-term. This strategy has now been affirmed as our new organizational structure for advancing the ministry in Turkanaland and beyond.

We plan to construct a DMM Center in each Zone. These buildings will serve as a place for discipleship training, worship, and Adult Literacy classes. By June 2020, Share will have completed the construction of 5 Centers – Nayada, Sopel, Kalobeyei, Nakiria, and Kachoda. We are trusting the Lord to provide funds to construct the remaining 5 Centers (Chokchok, Katapakin, Lorugum, Kalemngorok, and Lokori) at $33-36k each. Will you consider making a donation toward our next Center?

We intend to attract more people for training and worship by drilling a water borehole at each Center. So far, we have boreholes at the Sopel and Kachoda Centers. It costs roughly $10-13k to sink a borehole, depending on the depth and geological formation. Pray with us that the DMM Initiative will bear much fruit, bringing the entire Turkana population to know Christ, and for the Lord to provide resources to complete construction of the remaining Centers.

DMM Rollout

Learn more about how Share is actively implementing the Disciple-Making Movement to reach more and more unreached villages in the shortest time possible by making disciples who make disciples of others.

See what the Lord is doing in each Zone through our Motivators