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Our Mission: DISCIPLE, EQUIP, and SEND

Our VISION is to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed among the Turkana people of Kenya and His disciples growing deeper in their faith and making disciples of others.

Our MISSION is to equip and deploy indigenous missionaries who share the Gospel and establish disciple-making, holistic congregations throughout Turkanaland.


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Turkana Culture

The Turkana believe in a single God, Akuj, who is thought to be omnipotent but who rarely intervenes in the lives of people. Contact between Akuj and the people is channeled though a diviner, or emeron. All diviners come from a particular clan and are thought to have the power to interpret dreams, predict the future, heal the sick, and make rain. Although the Turkana believe in the power of the emeron, they are also skeptical of those from the Emeron clan who say they have mystical powers, but fail to demonstrate that power in everyday life.

We received your update on Pastors Joshua and John.  What wonderful work they are doing with the Lord’s help.  We are honored to sponsor them and rejoice with their news.

~Patricia & Bob