Turkana Trip 2013: Purpose

August 9, 2013

The trip to Turkanaland this year was a little different than previous ones. The team comprised 4 members of the new Share International Vision & Advisory Team (VAT), 1 pastor, and 5 professors from Texas Tech University. The purpose of the trip was to accomplish the following:

1. By VAT Members (Mr. Wayne Wuebbels, Mr. Doug Neve, Dr. Mary Murimi, Dr. Sammy Murimi) & Pastor (Roger Lokker):

  • Witness the SI vision and operations first-hand and assess the progress on the construction the SEND Center and the potential impact it will make towards greater outreach among the Turkana people and beyond. VAT would advise the SI Board on the way forward accordingly.
  • Hold seminars to teach indigenous pastors, missionaries, adult literacy teachers, and women leaders on topics related to Servanthood, Being Chosen to Lead, Leadership, Giving, Financial Accountability & Integrity, and Curriculum Development & Reporting.

  • Visit, teach, give testimony, share the Gospel, distribute foodstuffs, and provide medical treatment in select remote villages where SI has planted churches.

  • Meet and visit with missionaries and COK students that the VAT members and their respective churches in the U.S. support.

  • Hold meetings with all the SI staff to evaluate and facilitate the SI 2013-2014 Strategy.

2. By Texas Tech University Professors:

  • Experience personal encounter, visit potential agricultural sites, teach the local government Agriculture officers, emerging Turkana agriculturalists, the SI staff, and initiate a collaborative research effort with potential of accomplishing the following projects in Turkanaland:
  1. Agribusiness: Develop Business Opportunities Through Agribusiness – Dr. Conrad Lyford.

  2. Horticulture: Increasing Vegetable Production with Limited Resources – Dr. Cynthia McKenney.

  3. Meat Processing & Preservation: Establish a Meat Processing Plant – Dr. Markus Miller.

  4. One Health: Assess potential for Innovation Research to Create Healthy Environment, Healthy Animals, and Healthy Children in order to break the vicious cycle that includes infected environment and animals that spread the infection to both livestock and humans – Dr. Michael Ballou & Dr. Mary Murimi.

  • Assess and initiate potential partnership between SI, TTU, and select universities in Kenya to facilitate realization of the projects above.



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