Turkana Trip 2013: Testimonials

August 9, 2013

Here is what the VAT (Vision and Advisory Team) and TTU (Texas Tech University)  participants witnessed during the trip:

“On my recent trip to Turkanaland, I was very pleased with all of the Share employees that work there. They all had a grasp of the Share vision and all had concrete objectives that they were going to achieve in the next two years.

The thing that inspired me the most was the first village that we visited. It consisted of a small church, a one-classroom school, the teacher’s house, and an outhouse. There were no houses or huts or anything where the people could live. I figured that this was going to be a short visit, but I was wrong!

The people started walking in from every direction. By the time services were over, there were at least 500 people there and probably closer to 1,000. At least 30 men and women accepted Jesus that day. I talked to Pastor Francis who told me that Share had planted the church in 1999 and now they have 4 daughter churches and about 3,000 Christians in the 5 churches. Share supports Pastor Francis, but the mother church supports the daughter churches and their pastors.

Never doubt for a minute that our donations are being spent wisely.”

Wayne Wuebbels, CPA
Member, SI Vision & Advisory Team
Scales Mound, IL
Agriculturalists at Nadapal

“I have so many incredible memories of the trip that it is hard to capture the experience in just a couple of paragraphs.

Doug and Dalmas1

Our trip to Turkana was an incredibly blessed time for me. I felt God’s presence and blessing as we worked alongside the Share team, visiting remote villages, giving food and medical supplies, sharing testimonies, teaching pastors and missionaries, seeing the recent progress on the SEND Center and meeting the pastor and child we support.

I was so impressed with the people of Turkanaland. In spite of their severe poverty, I witnessed smiling, bright eyed children seeking gifts, handshakes and pictures; men sitting under trees sharing their testimonies with us and soaking in the Word of God; women brightly dressed waiting for food and medical supplies for their families; joyous dancing and singing and praising God; and a team of dedicated local Share staff and ministers who have committed their lives to presenting the Gospel to people who have yet to hear that Good News.

The genuineness of their worship and reliance on their Savior was inspiring to me and a great reminder that God doesn’t want our sacrifices – He wants our hearts, our worship, our love and our lives. As a pastor once said – “You can’t minister to others without being ministered to yourself.” So true! This trip changed my life forever. I look forward to a return trip someday.”

Doug Neve, CPA
Member, SI Vision & Advisory Team
Chatfield, MN

“It has been said, “one who gives receives back more.” Such was the case upon my recent trip visiting the Turkana people in Kenya. Though my trip was physically exhausting, I returned spiritually refreshed. I returned with a great sense of humility as I witnessed people with so little filled with joy. I witnessed a great hunger and eagerness on people’s part to learn more about God; in Turkanaland people walk miles to hear the message of salvation. It made me think of what it must have been like in Jesus’ day when people came by the hundreds and thousands to listen to him as he ministered near the Sea of Galilee.

In my time with the Turkana people, I saw people-groups still in need of hearing God’s Word. I was moved as people walk great distances to not only hear God’s Word, but to give their lives to the Lord; they also received much needed health care and food, which we took part in distributing. I’m thankful for the opportunity to meet Joseph Lomoti, the pastor our church supports, and the family we purchased goats for.

I felt God’s Spirit move as we shared prayer with fellow pastors and missionaries. What a blessing to see God at work through Share International as they continue to seek people-groups that are so near yet so far away!”

Pastor Roger Lokker
Greenleafton Reformed Church
Preston, MN

Dr Conrad teaching emerging agriculturalists

“I have heard of unreached people-groups, where the Gospel has never been shared. It struck me while I was standing in one of the Turkanaland villages that was reached only a year ago when Share International shared the Gospel there for the first time. That church is young and needs encouragement and guidance. Share International pastors and staff support that church and many more like it.

I was impressed with how Share International speaks directly to the people; they do not hesitate to teach the truth. I was encouraged that more established churches supported by Share International were focused on spiritual growth and the people were also being taught biblical principles on giving and evangelism. Share International is touching an unreached population and the Lord is moving amongst those people.”

Michael Ballou, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Ruminant Nutrition and Immunology
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

Emerging asgriculturalists at Nadapal

“The trip to Turkana was a life changing experience for me and has provided a platform to implement a new area of research with my graduate students. Having the chance to visualize the lifestyle of the Turkana people, I now have a better insight into potential methods of enhancing their production of fruits and vegetables in order to address their nutritional needs. Seeing the stark need for this type of work has motivated my intent to seek funding to address these issues.

On a personal note, the shining eyes and expansive smiles of the children really touched my heart. I was amazed how hungry the people of Turkana are for the Word and their genuine response when receiving it. As a result, I have shared my experiences with my church and have found sponsors for a few of these beautiful children.

The tremendous faith of the Turkana people has made a strong impact in my life and in my faith. Thank you for the opportunity to travel to Kenya for this amazing experience.”

Cynthia McKenney, Ed.D.
Associate Chair and Professor of Ornamental Horticulture
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

Dr Cynthia teaching emerging agriculturalists

“WOW! God is awesome! He reveals himself and is good in so many ways. I have so many incredible memories of the trip. I was so impressed with the Turkana people. Their unselfishness was unbelievable and very humbling. It was a great and awesome opportunity to see God at work in their lives. It was a very blessed time for me.

The program we had was very impressive. I felt God’s presence as I gave a lecture on Meat Processing and Preservation to the groups of goat herders and government officials. I also felt the presence of God at the construction site of the SEND Center.

WOW! The visit and lunch we all had with Taylor and Leigh Ann Kilpatrick and their three beautiful girls at their house in Lodwar was awesome! The faith they demonstrated gave me a deep feeling of God’s presence. I look forward to working on building a Meat Processing Plant in Turkanaland. I have been thinking of many things that Taylor (the Share International SEND Project Manager & Builder in Lodwar) could do while he is there. I will continue to discuss the future possibilities with Share International.

The True Heart of Jesus is alive in the hearts of the Turkana people. God’s blessings over Sammy and Mary for taking me on the trip, and to all of the people who are still there doing God’s work. The trip and the Turkana people changed my life forever. I look forward to a return trip in 2014.”

Mark Miller
Horn Professor
San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo
Distinguished Chair in Meat Science
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX


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