The STORM team has arrived!

July 6, 2015

The U.S. 2015 Short-Term Outreach & Relief Mission (STORM) team has arrived safely in Kenya and they have begun ministry with the African STORM team. In these pictures we can see a glimpse of what God is doing through Share International. Through the smiles, laughter, teaching, and the different ministries we can see God moving in amazing ways and it has only just begun! We will keep updating the blog with photographs, testimonies, and other information about the ministries.

We are very thankful for all the support Share International has received. Your prayers and financial contributions are spreading the gospel and many people are coming to know the Lord because of our partnerships with all you.

Thank you all for being apart of it!

Here is an update from the team in Kenya:

Hello family and friends!

Today (Monday, July 6) has been another wonderful day in the villages.  It was so encouraging to see God’s mighty hand at work in the village of Nayuu!
Some highlights in this village:
– Over 40 people come to know the Lord as their personal Savior!!!! Praise the LORD!
– 20 men, previously only attending church when Americans were there to bring food, decided to give their lives to Christ and sacrifice part of their incomes to benefit the church.  They are finally stepping up to be the godly leaders of the family God calls them to be.
– Sarah Sandri was able to meet and witness the influence of Pastor Joseph Atiyan — the pastor her and her family support.
– A woman with a very infected finger (probably would have had to lose it soon) received medication and healing from our Share medical team.
– A woman who was previously part of the “Legion of Mary” — avidly opposing the Gospel — completely surrendered herself to the Lord!  She came up to the speaker, knelt down, and gave her life to Christ!  What an incredible thing to witness the transformation of this woman.  God is mighty to save!
On another note, God has been working immensely in the lives of our team.  He has given us such UNITY as Africans and Americans working together to share the Gospel.  Our African brothers and sisters have encouraged and challenged us in so many powerful ways.
– Pray for the church in the Nayuu village.  Pray that the church will continue to grow and take on the responsibility of being the church of Christ.  The church (quite a few years old) seemed to be stuck “drinking milk” instead of eating meat.
– Pray for Pastor Joseph Atiyan, his wife Regina, and their family as they continue to serve the church in Nayuu.
– Continued prayer for God’s ministry in the villages this week
– Continued prayer for the team
– Pray for Becca and Patricia as they are (Lord willing – as far as we know) flying into Nairobi tonight!!
Thank you for your constant support and prayers!
The Kenya Team

at the curch Young Women in the group meeting Young Men push ups

Young women young men Nayuu girls that got saved today

Children attenting meeting Children Enjoying Nayuu girls with the supply of sanitary pads

children listening People coming to the meeting Medical issue

Teaching the children Medical team with Nayuu women time wit the children

Medical Young men 2

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