The Impact of Child Sponsorship

June 12, 2013

Dear Sponsors,

I thought this article from Christianity Today this month would be an encouragement to you to see this research-based evidence about the impact of child sponsorship.

Click here (or copy URL into your Internet browser) to read the article:

Many of you know the history of Children of the Kingdom. It was started in 1994 after a summer mission trip I was able to go on to Kenya. My host family shared with me that Compassion International’s (a child sponsorship organization) team had come to the village to interview families for their program. Unfortunately, Compassion’s quota had been filled in the country and they could not take on any more children. That is when Pastor Samwell Kaaleng and I began the partnership that started Children of the Kingdom.
Since our humble beginnings in 1994, we have graduated 97 students. Just last week, I wrote letters of gratitude to 11 of these graduates who have made commitments to give funds to sponsor children in the program. I cannot tell you how incredible it is to see this program come full circle and to see them investing in their community.

The article in Christianity Today for which I have given you the link above shows the success of child sponsorship programs like Compassion International (Children of the Kingdom has been modeled after that program).
“The key to ending poverty resides in the capacity of human beings—and their view of their own capacity—to facilitate positive change. …..Along with providing some basic resources that allow children to progress farther in school, the child-development approach advocated by Compassion appears to get under the hood of human beings to instill aspirations, character formation, and spiritual direction. In short, it trains people to be givers instead of receivers.”
Thank you again for your investment in the lives of these children. You are making a difference in training these children up to be givers in their community!

With deep gratitude,
Emily Huff

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