The Healing of a Broken Bone and a Broken Life

March 29, 2012

Below is a letter we received form one of our sponsored Turkana Missionaries. God is at work in Turkanaland!:

What a miracle!

I thank God for what He does at Nayada. It was recently that God healed a young man by the name
Akomol Etaaba. He was shot at the mouth by the Pokot raiders at Nawoyapong village.

The young man was one of the raiders at the neighboring Pokot county and even southern Turkana.
He had taken a lot of animals and also killed many Pokots and fellow Turkana’s in the Turkana South

The young man joined a discipleship class at Nayada church where he met
me teaching a lesson on the topic: “God prepares us by giving a vision of eternity”. I read scripture from 2
Corinthians 4:18.

The man had a broken jaw and for over three months, the jaw was swollen. After he
heard the teaching; the man raised his hand and confirmed that he needed to surrender his life to Jesus
because he was tired with the bad life he had lived. I prayed with him and suddenly the broken bone was healed by
prayer. The man narrated that he had spent almost all of his animals seeking treatment for the wound.
He had gone from one witchdoctor to another for help but all in vain. Many people were astonished at
God’s miraculous healing power at no cost.

He is now attending church, and praising God for what he has
done. After his healing and salvation experience, his family members  joined the church and are
rejoicing together with other members in the church. The family members are now attending baptism
class. They need prayers for their spiritual growth in Christ and belief in God to touch them completely.

-Missionary Peter Lomanat (pictured below, serving the Nayada Village)”

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