Testimony from Dr. Judith Kopiyo

January 26, 2013

Our church (Christ Is The Answer Ministries) holds an annual mission month in September. Different mission groups attend to give an account of what they are doing and highlight on areas of need and how one can participate.

Share International was one of the mission groups in attendance in 2001. They  displayed pictures of their work in Lodwar.Among them was a picture of a 70 year old lady from America passing out corn to the Turukanas which really challenged me to do something. I left my contacts with the coordinator there at the time name Laban Gitau.

The following year he called me to invite me for 2002 STORM. At this time I worked as a Registered Clinical Officer at the national hospital in Nairobi. During the preparation meetings, we thought of starting a medical ministry for those who were sick. Share provided the medicine and during the STORM Anna (a nurse assistant) and I provided health services to the people at Kaitese village.

By God’s grace this ministry continued in the subsequent STORMS with various medical staff from America teaming up with those form Kenya. During one of the summer missions in 2005 I met Dr Rebekah Bond. We worked together and became good friends. In STORM 2006 we met again and she encouraged me to go and study medicine. I had thought of it but was too expensive. She offered to pay my tuition when I got admission. I was overjoyed and went ahead to look for admission at various medical schools.

It was not possible to get into the only 2 medical schools in Kenya then, but I got accepted to one in Uganda. I started to pursue my 5  and a half years of study of degree in medicine and in surgery in April 2007 ,and by the grace of God successfully finished in July. I officially graduated on November 16, 2012. Through the years of my study, Dr Rebekah was not only a faithful sponsor (through COK) but also a great friend who encouraged, advised and prayed with me.

As a requirement for registration with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, I have to do a one year internship of which the intake will be in April 2013. As I wait for my placement I have chosen work as a volunteer at the Share International Health Team.

I am grateful to Dr Rebekah and the entire Share International for allowing God to use them to be such a blessing in my life.

Dr. Judith Kopiyo



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