STORM team update from last week!

July 7, 2015

Last week was a very busy week for all the members in the Kenya team. Here is an update of what they did last week:

Hello dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

We are having a wonderful time sharing the Gospel along side our Kenyan brothers and sisters in Turkana land.  It is amazing how we have the opportunity to TEACH as well as LEARN as God has been teaching every single team member so much — about His people, His sovereignty, His grace, and His power.
Here are some highlights so far:
Wednesday/Thursday was a long day of travel!  We spent almost 50 hours getting to Kenya. It was a huge blessing to finally see Sammy Murimi at the Nairobi airport.
Friday we finally got to Lodwar, and it was wonderful meeting our Nairobi team.  They are all amazing people with huge passion and love for God and His people.  Friday was a much needed day to rest, fellowship, pray, and prepare for the following week of ministry.  We are also VERY thankful to be staying in the beautiful SEND center.
Saturday was our first day in the villages!  We had the opportunity to go to “Chok Chok”  village and share the Gospel with the men, women, teenagers, and children of the village.  It was an INCREDIBLE experience.
– We had about 85 young men come to hear God’s Word — 13 accepting Christ!
– 80 young women — 20 accepting Christ!
– over 250 children heard God’s Word and wanted to keep growing more and “have Him as their King” as they would say.
What a blessing to know these tribal people have a local church to get connected to and great expository pastors who will preach from the Word and help them grow.
Back at the SEND center, Gary and Graham had a great time teaching the local pastors from the “Bible Pathways” curriculum and helping them learn new preaching skills.  They are going through the book of 2nd Timothy.
** We also had a mini Fourth of July celebration with sparklers and hamburgers.
Sunday has been packed with incredible opportunities as well.  We went to church here at the SEND center and got to worship African style.  We also had the privilege to listen to pastor Graham preach this morning.
After church, there was a Children of the Kingdom banquet where several of our team members got to meet their sponsored children.  It was AMAZING meeting the students we have been praying for for so long.
We then got to witness a baptism in Lake Turkana where 32 Turkana people gave their lives to Christ in a very visible way.  Praise the LORD!
God has been very gracious and good to our team.
We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord in this way and among these people.
Please keep us in your prayers — for clear communication of the Gospel, for our full week of ministry in the villages, for energy and strength, for health, for the joy of the Lord, and especially for Becca and Patricia who are still stuck in Amsterdam and will not be here until Wednesday.
Much love,
In Christ Alone,
The Kenya team


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