STORM 2017 Update

July 10, 2017

From the 2017 STORM team via Doug Neve on July 9, 2017:

We had a great day in Nariamao village. Our ministry teams presented the Gospel with great boldness and clarity. Many men, women and children made professions of faith. We will return tomorrow and go deeper into what it means to be a fully devoted disciple and a disciplemaker. We will also baptize new believers. Our pastor training was also great as our Bible Pathways and Big Life discipleship training hit their marks. Share is only as strong as its pastors/missionaries. We invest highly in them so that they can “equip the saints for service “. I couldn’t be prouder of our trainers and students. I think the Lord would say “well done, My good and faithful servants” concerning our work today. We do it all for His glory. Thanks for your prayers. We felt them today.

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