STORM 2011: A Universal Struggle

September 17, 2011

I have been involved with Share International ever since my husband, Brian went on a STORM trip in 2009. Since that time I have wanted to go to Turkanaland, and have prayed for the people their, the staff and the missionaries. This year I was able to finally go and it was all I dreamed of!

I felt totally at home in Turkanaland, I love their relational culture which allows for making friends, getting to know people without having to watch the clock every moment. This made it really easy to sit down with the missionaries, pastors, and other belivers and interview them about the things that really matter. It was an out of this world experience! I was able to spend my days meeting the very people Share sought to reach for Christ and train to be missionaries to their own people. What I heard from them is that they struggle with some of the same things we all do as believers.

One missionary, Peter Ewoton, I interviewed, who has not yet been sponsored, is out planting churches and sharing the Gospel despite the fact he has no income. I asked him what he struggles with and how we could pray for him. He told me that his wife struggles when they are without food. He encourages her to pray and trust God for their provision, but just like you and me and other parents we all know, it is really hard to imagine having our children go without food (they have 4 of their own children plus one orphan that they care for). Survival mode kicks in and part of thinks we would do anything to get them whatever they need NOW! He told me of ways God had provided for them and how his wife struggles with encouraging him in the ministry when they are in need.

Let me tell you right now that as a wife of a freelance videographer I can relate!  We never know when work will come, when clients will pay, ect. Sometimes we do unpaid work for our church or Share or some other deserving cause. It is hard to watch the bank account get into the double digits sometimes, even when we have seen God’s faithfulness to us again and again and know we are working for Him.

There are so many other truths and experiences I could tell you about from our trip, but this is the one God has me thinking about as of late: As believers, no matter where we live we experience many of the same struggles, even if they are on a different scale. We can connect with our brothers and sisters around the world by praying and suffering along side them for the sake Gospel. This might mean giving up something, eating less or cheaper some days in order to have just a little extra to send to a family with children who may go a whole day or more without food when ministering to the unreached people of the world.

I hope live in a way to teaches my children that their needs are really fewer than they think and that the needs of others around the world are many and we can go without some things to meet some of those needs and make a difference for Christ.

Crystal Garcia is a wife, mother of two, photographer, blogger and the Administration and Communications Coordinator for Share International, Inc.

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