Starvation Looming

January 17, 2011

Starvation Looming in Kenya

News reports show that parts of Kenya are entering yet another time of drought. Already there have been reports of both livestock, crops and and people dying from lack of water and food. Please help Share International raise funds for foodstuffs in the Turkana region!

Most of us will never know what it is like to truly go hungry or thirsty. For our brothers and sisters in Turkanaland, during times of drought  and famine there may not be anyone in the entire village with food to help provide for their neighbors. Can you image in you had nothing to eat and neither did anyone else in your town? No food banks, no soup kitchens, no grocery stores, no nothing.  We want to be neighbors to the Turkana people by giving them food from our table, even if they are across the world from us.

As a part of this year’s  STORM (Short Term Outreach and Relief Mission) Trip budget we need to buy enough food to feed at least 3,000 families, and as soon as we get the money we will send it to buy food so people can start receiving portions right away!

Please consider helping to provide a bag or two of beans or corn for our brothers and sisters in Turkanaland. The costs are:

1 Bag of Dry Corn (90kg/200lb) @ $33.75
1 Bag of Dry Beans (90kg/200lb) @ $80.00

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