South Sudan: Ministry Flourishes Amidst Challenges

February 18, 2015

The Share International South Sudan ministry was established in 2010. However, violence erupted between rival political and ethnic factions in December 2013…

This new round of violence forced our missionaries to return home in Turkanaland from where they have conducted monthly outreach and evangelistic excursions inside South Sudan among the Toposa and the Diding’a people-groups. By 2014, our missionary team of 5 had planted 5 churches. They are now focusing on discipleship, training, planting more churches, baptisms, and supporting school-age children. The team is supporting 18 children through school.

South Sudan Ministry

In general, there has been a mixed response from the South Sudanese. Some have welcomed the missionaries and Christ with open arms, some have completely denied Gospel, and others are eager to learn more.

Thankfully, the Government Commissioners in the region have favorably received the SHARE ministries and agreed to work hand in hand with the missionaries.

Please keep our South Sudan missionaries in your prayers. Contact us if you are interested in supporting more trained missionaries that are waiting to join our current team. It costs $350/mo to support one missionary in South Sudan. You can indicate your support by clicking the “Donate” button here below.

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