Share’s Focus on Expanding Adult Literacy in Turkanaland

March 15, 2017

The most powerful tool we have to spread the Gospel is God’s very words as found in the Bible, and Share is expanding its efforts to teach the people in Turkanaland to read and write so they can read God’s word for themselves.  Through the Children of the Kingdom ministry, many children have been educated and are now prepared to become teachers and tutors in Share International’s adult literacy program.  Please pray for many of these students to feel God’s calling to join in teaching others to read.

The  Adult literacy class in Chokchok could use some tutors

The adult literacy class in Loturerei is progressing well

These are the adult literacy students in Nabiun.  A new blackboard would be helpful.

The class in Nayanae has many students.   Most of them are the women of the village.

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