Share’s Bible Pathways Classes For Missionaries

November 16, 2016

The fundamental goal of Share International is to bring the Gospel to the people of Turkanaland, Kenya.  The Bible Pathways class is one of the ways Share makes sure our missionaries are able to teach effectively from the Bible.  There are currently 180 Bible Pathways students in Turkanaland.

The cost for Bible Pathways training is $600 per year for each missionary trained.  bp-class-at-kalemngorok-with-missionary-alfred-morulem-standing-outside-church-building

The Bible Pathways class in Kalemngorok with Missionary Alfred Morulem

missionary-alfred-morulem-infront-of-bp-class-in-sessionLocal pastors learning to teach effectively from the Bible from Share Missionary Alfred Morulem.  Kainuk has historically been a place often raided by the Pokot people.  Having a Bible Pathways class located in this area is truly a blessing from God.

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