SEND Center

Sharing Eternity Through Nationals Daily (SEND)


Forces opposed to the Christian faith are advancing from the north of Africa in large numbers toward the south, into the sub-Saharan Africa, a region that for over a century has witnessed the spread the true freedom found only in Christ Jesus. Kenya borders a few of predominantly non-Christian countries just north of the Equator. The country has the unique potential to withstand the advance of opposing forces by building a strong “Buffer Zone of Truth” along the Equator. The town of Lodwar in Kenya is strategically located as the launching pad for such a zone.

Send Center Ground breaking 2012

Construction of Phase I of the SEND Center was completed and dedicated in July 2014. The Center will be used to train and send out more indigenous missionaries to Turkanaland, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Uganda. The training will constitute the following:

  • Bible Pathways Program: – A 3-year, 9-session Expository Preaching curriculum for 15 Train-the-Trainer (2 Tim. 2:2) students. The program will start in March 2015.
  • Missions Program: – A condensed (12-18 months) program for 40 students. The program is slated to start in Fall 2015.

The Center will also be used to train youth to be Sunday School teachers in their respective remote villages and to host the STORM teams. It’s hoped that the Center will also generate revenue for the ministry through conferences, seminars, workshops, and accommodation by other qualified entities in the region.


From inception of Share International’s ministry in Turkanaland, we have collaborated with the indigenous evangelical denominations/churches and leaders in that region by way of the Turkana Pastors Fellowship. We will continue to serve with the indigenous churches and leaders.

 The Opening of the SEND Center
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