Old Truck Tires Squander Water Delivery in Drought Ridden Lands

January 11, 2011

Emergency Need!

Despite heavy rains at the beginning of 2010 that caused much flooding in Turkanaland, the region has been hit by drought again. Share International makes every effort to deliver water to villages that have been hard hit by the drought. These villages, like Chokchok, Monti, and Nakabaran, are miles away from any water point or rivers. Delivery of clean water has reduced the long distances that the residents and their animals would have to walk in search of this essential commodity. It has also reduced prevalent water-borne diseases.

There is no better way of ministering to the nomadic Turkana people than providing them with water! Unfortunately, the truck that we deliver water with has tires that are all worn out, including the emergency tire! New tires would make a wonderful gift for our free water delivery services and make it possible for us to continue with the service through 2011. The total cost of 5 new tires is $2,000.

Click the donate button on the upper right hand side and fill in “New Water Tires” in the comment section to donate even the smallest amount toward new tires!

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