New Hope Gets New Beds

April 25, 2012

Last week our staff and the New Hope Children’s Ministry of SI were thanking God for a team that came from the U.S. to Lodwar! Rachael Swanson, husband Joshua Swanson with two of their friends, Christian and Jr Woodward visited the Share Int`l Regional Offices and Staff, and John Nakara led them in the morning devotions and introducing them to staff and different ministries of Share International.

The Lord spoke to the team about how the New Hope children were struggling because of the cold (to them) that
day (in which it was raining!). The team decided to buy 18 beds for the kids, plus 16 blankets and 16
mattresses to keep the children warm! The children are now enjoying beds and the mattresses in the New Hope (Street Children) Ministry! Praise the Lord.

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