Ministry Update from Turkanaland

July 18, 2014

Dry Turkanaland
Earlier this week, we received this ministry update from our Share International Director, Dr. Sammy Murimi, in the mission field of Turkanaland:

Dear All,

We are now into our 5th day of ministry here in Turkanaland, Kenya. We are witnessing the power of the Lord at work within the team and all those that we are ministering to. The testimonies from each of the 7 teams during breakfast this morning was (is) evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit among us all.

One amazing evidence of God’s answer to prayer is that we had an almost-torrential rain here on Thursday morning! It had not rained for more than a year! We had to wait for a report about the state of the “roads” that morning before we traveled to Monti village.

During the ministries at the SEND (Share Eternity through Nationals Daily) Center on Wednesday morning, two of the team members in the men’s and young men’s ministries had challenged those in attendance to cry out to the Lord with a loud voice pleading with Him to send the rain. It poured heavily on Thursday morning! Praise the Lord!

On the same day, I received word from Mary Fran that the outstanding funds for the STORM (Short-Term Outreach & Relief Mission) ministries had been received!

We are witnessing many put their faith in Christ as Savior. There is so much to report, but time does not allow me to do that right now.

Thank you so much for holding the fort, and for your prayers and support.


Sammy Murimi, D. Min./Miss
Director, Share International, Inc.

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