“Being in Turkana gives me an opportunity to be refreshed spiritually”

Warm and Christian greetings in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  I am taking this opportunity to give thanks to the Almighty God who opened the doors for me, once again, to join other brothers and sisters, to participate in the STORM 2010. For more than ten years I have been joining the Turkana Mission (since 1997). I experienced the love of God among the Turkana brothers and sisters, especially the way they respond positively to the gospel. It is this which encourages me the so much so that I feel to be going to Turkana whenever I get the opportunity.

As I always say, being in Turkana gives me an opportunity to be refreshed spiritually as I witness first hand what the Lord is doing among them. In all those years I kept learning new things. I am particularly encouraged to minister to them because they are open to the Gospel despite the unspeakable life conditions they are in.

This year I was so much encouraged and felt strengthened to see a representative of the Anglican Church participating in this STORM 2010.  It was a subject of praise.

Turkana has always been on my heart and as I write this I feel that it will continue the same way.

This year I was involved in men’s ministry whereby I realized that with lots of teachings and challenges, Turkana men can change their behavior especially that of marrying small girls and their polygamous culture.

My contribution to the success of the mission has evolved around Jesus Film projection whereby so many people come regularly to witness the ordeal Jesus went through in a bid to ransom and redeem us. I am much encouraged that after watching the film people give their lives to Christ and even today they are on fire for the Lord as faithful Christians. I praise the Lord for the team of the Jesus film (SITE) I work with. They were very helpful; they knew that we have to work in season and out of season. They worked whole hearted; the reason why we got good results during the Jesus film ministry.

I am thankful to all that have contributed towards my air tickets, my stay in Kenya and the like.

May you all find my gratitude and appreciation!

I like the ministry of Share International because it reaches people in need of the gospel, among the real unreached ones. Not only sharing the gospel of salvation, but also taking care of their physical and material needs (the holistic gospel) is one of the mandates of Share International.

My wish is to continue going to Turkana until I become old, or maybe what I need is to build a house (Manyatta), live and stay there and make it a second home. I love Turkana people.

I have enjoyed the company of all missioners who participated in this year STORM. The choice of participants was done wisely, with God’s direction. They all had a heart of serving others. There was a considerable harmony and presence of the Lord. May the name of our Lord be praised!

I am much looking forward to 2011 mission to Turkana where we expect much more fruits.

Once again I would like to thank all who sponsored me to be able to go to Turkana and participate in STORM 2010.

Elder Francois Nitunga.

Church Growth/Livestock distribution

On 4th Sept.2010, Adir, Dickson and Dalmas visited a daughter church at Kosogwoleetom, 62 kms away from Lodwar township. Pastor(Missionary) Joseph Emase planted this daughter church last year 2009 after receiving support from SI. The christians of Kasogoleetom Pentecostal church were so happy and encouraged being visited by SI church growth officials for the first time.

The main purpose of church growth visit is to enhance discipleship and reinforcing the local missions work in the interland unreached communities in Turkanaland.

On 5th October  was livestock distribution at Namukuse Village. John Lodepe , SI Turkana Missions Coordinator, accompanied by Peter Adir- SI church growth associate coordinator distribute goats to two poor families at Namukuse Village, where Missionary Joseph Longole is the SI sent missionary.

The villagers could not believe their eyes to see two families given goats free. They have never seen such thing before in history of their village. They were challenged and they attentively heard the gospel preached by John to them. After the sharing of the gospel. Two families received goats. One old man in the village greeted John five times expressing thankfulness for what God does in meeting the physical needs of the poor. The two ladies given goats had lost their livestock three years ago due to the persistent drought that affected or claimed lives of the Turkana and their livestock.

On 21st Nov.2010, they managed to fund raise Kshs. 54,000 for the construction of the church building. Peter Adir assisted them to fund raise. John Lodepe send his donation of Kshs. 2000 to boost their effort of constructing a worship building.

Pastor Peter Adir.