STORM 2010 Testimony: Terry

I think of the word teamwork as the outstanding feature of this trip.  I saw many great examples of people working as a team, independently without being told to work as a team.  I think of the Chicago Bulls basketball team that had great players, like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippin, etc.  But they were a mediocre team until they learned to play as a team and not just for themselves.  Once they began playing as a team they became one of the greatest basketball teams of all time.  I saw our STORM teams functioning without being reminded they were part of a team.  And each team cheered the other teams on and looked for ways they could help each other.

I witnessed the children’s team in action and saw how much the children were learning and having fun with the leaders.  It appeared to be a week’s worth of Bible School in one day.  The team showed genuine interest in the children and a desire for them to know Jesus.

I saw doctors praying with the patients and taking time to listen to their health concerns.  I saw members of the medical team take an interest in individuals and try to help them. I also saw how compassionate the medical team members were with the STORM team members when they got sick. I saw the medical team working together in a very organized way – setting up the tables and stations, loading the trucks, etc. Everyone worked hard and was happy to do it.  I did not hear any complaints; there was a lot of talking, laughing and pure joy as the work was being done.

As I observed the teaching that went on in the men’s ministry. There would be 50 – 100 men listening each day.  The Word of God was being taught in a very friendly, uplifting manner and yet the teaching was done with loving authority.  There was a time for questions and answers as well as time for camaraderie building.  There was a dialog between the men and the teachers that was very healthy.  One of the things that touched me was the discussions of breaking with unhealthy tradition.  We encouraged men to have only one wife; help the women with the work; care for their wives and daughters and encourage their children to go to school.

I witnessed food being transported, unloaded and distributed in the villages. I also got to see four families receive goats from Share.  I also saw one of the churches give Share a goat – poor as they are, they gave a goat!  That really impressed me.

I was also impressed with the structure of Share and the competency of the people working in Lodwar.  Training of the locals is very important to furthering the ministry of Share and I saw many competent people sharing the vision of reaching their own for Christ.

I feel that I contributed more significantly this trip and was convicted of my need to speak out regarding cultural issues.  I also feel that I have a stronger testimony and am better able to share my faith, thanks to this trip.

Terry Walker

Old Truck Tires Squander Water Delivery in Drought Ridden Lands

Emergency Need!

Despite heavy rains at the beginning of 2010 that caused much flooding in Turkanaland, the region has been hit by drought again. Share International makes every effort to deliver water to villages that have been hard hit by the drought. These villages, like Chokchok, Monti, and Nakabaran, are miles away from any water point or rivers. Delivery of clean water has reduced the long distances that the residents and their animals would have to walk in search of this essential commodity. It has also reduced prevalent water-borne diseases.

There is no better way of ministering to the nomadic Turkana people than providing them with water! Unfortunately, the truck that we deliver water with has tires that are all worn out, including the emergency tire! New tires would make a wonderful gift for our free water delivery services and make it possible for us to continue with the service through 2011. The total cost of 5 new tires is $2,000.

Click the donate button on the upper right hand side and fill in “New Water Tires” in the comment section to donate even the smallest amount toward new tires!

Building in Africa

The Testimony of the Kilpatricks

In November of 2004, at the ages of 20 and 19 we were married; we then proceeded to have three
daughters in almost record time! Andi – March 2006, Lainey – July 2007, Lucy – July 2008. Our girls are
a wonderful blessing and such a delight. We love our family! It has been a joy watching them grow.
During this time we also both graduated from college and built our own home. About two years ago we
got serious about God’s plan and purpose for our lives and relationships. We became more intentional
and aware of those that God placed in our paths. God really used our relationship with Hari, a Nepalese
classmate, to open our hearts and eyes to international students in Ruston. After we graduated from
college, our hearts for international people did not fade. We met a Muslim couple from Saudi Arabia
at a local park through our children playing together. Our relationship grew and led to many other
relationships with Saudi couples. While we faced many cultural and lingual barriers, we felt that simply
having these wonderful people in our home laid the foundation for much to happen. We still pursue
these relationships and never say no to the opportunity to share our dinner table, home and love with
any internationals that God puts in our path.

Along with a global focus, God also gave us a heart for those here in our own community. In October
2009 we took Kaylee into our home as a foster child through the state of Louisiana. She was 10 weeks
and barely weighed 7lbs. Our home then consisted of our children Andi (3 years), Lainey (2 years),
Lucy (14 months) and Kaylee (2 months). We were beyond busy, most thought crazy. We nursed and
nurtured Kaylee through surgery, therapy and developmental delays. She was returned to her mother
one year later in October 2010. Kaylee is beautiful, full of life and healthy! God used this experience to
teach us a wonderful lesson in Christ-like, sacrificial love.

Most recently, through a situation at my work, Leigh Ann and I talked openly and prayed for God
to lead us. After surrendering our house and life here in Ruston to God, He began to speak and we
began to hear. After praying and praising God in this time of uncertainty Leigh Ann casually and almost
rhetorically asked God, “Where are you taking us?” while looking out the back window of our home and
clearly heard God say, “Africa.” After courageously telling this experience to me over dinner, the Holy
Spirit revealed this calling to me also. I welcomed the idea of foreign Missions but was not specifically
hearing Africa. Not knowing what step to take next, we wrote a physical contract with God giving
everything that makes up our lives both tangible and intangible to Him for His purposes.

The following day the Spirit led me to call and meet with Sammy Murimi, director of Share International
(SI), an evangelical mission agency established for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We know the Murimi’s through our church. Over time, through several meetings and prayers with the
Sammy and his wife Mary, they informed us of the plans to construct the SEND (Share Eternity though
Nationals Daily) Conference Center in Lodwar, Kenya. This center will serve as the SI headquarters
in Africa, a Bible/Missions training and education center, and also a place of rest, refreshment and
encouragement to those indigenous missionaries in the field. Through discussion, prayer and the
unanimous approval of the SI board in November 2010, it has now been decided that I will be the on-
site Project Manager and overseer of the construction of the center, working under the SI leadership in
Lodwar and Triad Architects advisors in Nairobi.

We are excited and amazed that God would give us this opportunity. We wish we were already there,
but are enjoying this sweet time of preparation and growth. We will be participating in the STORM
(short term outreach and relief mission) trip to Turkanaland in July 2011. July 1st 2011 we will be full-
time with SI and will be moving to Lodwar, Kenya in the following weeks. We request your prayers and
support and can be reached at

From left to right: Andi, Leigh Ann, Lainey, Lucy, and Joshua Taylor Kilpatrick

Christmas in Turkanaland and India!

A Birthday Party That Brought Celebration Around the World

Two hundred Children of the Kingdom students and one hundred parents attended a Christmas banquet in Kenya last month.  Students and parents shared fellowship and a meal together.  The Children of the Kingdom staff used this time to encourage families to be in prayer for the ministry and to live out the mission to “share the gospel and our very lives” (1 Thessalonians 2:8).

Children of the Kingdom in India celebrated Christmas and New Years together on January 1st and also had a meal for the children and gifts for them as well.

The banquet was funded from friends and family of Anna Huff who gave funds for children to have a Christmas party in lieu of bringing birthday gifts when she celebrated her 8th birthday in November in Knoxville and in Nashville, Tennessee.  $670 was raised for parties in India and in Kenya!

Gratitude flows from the recognition that who we are and what we have are gifts to be received and shared.” (Henri J.M. Nouwen)