Little Philanthropist

August 14, 2012

The Earley family in Nashville sent money that they saved by not buying the school tool boxes (about $70 with 2 girls-  what a great way to use bargain shopping for a good cause!) to buy supplies for school kids in Kenya and India through Children of the Kingdom.  In addition, their daughter Clara had a cottage business while they were at Sewanee this summer, making duct tape bracelets and selling them to the participants at the conference for $2. She made over $100(!) and has chosen to give 10% to the same cause.  GIVING THANKS FOR THIS LITTLE PHILANTHROPIST MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF THE CHILDREN IN INDIA AND KENYA!!


Clara and Ruthie on the first day of school in Nashville, TN

examples of the duct tape bracelets


























Clara set up for business outside the dining facility in Sewanee, for the Writers’ Conference. Her sign read, “DUCK TAPE BRACELETS $2,







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