Life in Turkanaland Can be Difficult

November 16, 2016

Life in Turkanaland can be a challenge.  Missionary Mark Eyanae is making bricks to build a new church in his village of Kaitese, but he must cover the water with thorn bushes or the goats will drink all of his water.  He carries the water a great distance and the goats are very happy to drink it from his small handmade pond.

Mark with his handmade brick drying in the sun.  Kaitese is very close to the Uganda border and is very hot and dry.


This woman is collecting water from an underground source.  One cup at a time, she fills her bucket.  She says that sometimes as many as 10 women must form a water brigade to get the water out of the ground.  The Turkana women travel many miles to find a source of water in some of the more remote villages.  Much of the water is too salty for human consumption, but can be used to water the animals and for washing.

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