Kenya team update!

July 11, 2015

Hello all!

It has been a very busy last three days here in Kenya! God is certainly working among the Turkana people. It has been the greatest blessing and honor to see so many Turkana men, women, and children come to know the Lord. PRAISE GOD for all HE has done this week.

Tuesday we had the privilege to work with the Kaitese Village and see God at work in their pastor, church, and people. It was also a great blessing to finish the night with team bonding. We were all able to share our testimonies and see what amazing things GOD has done in all of our lives.

Wednesday we ministered in the Nayanae Village where God continued to show His faithfulness. Even though this village was dusty and rocky, they praised the Lord with everything they had. What a reminder that our joy is found in the LORD, not in what we have.

A huge praise for Wednesday was the arrival of our teammates Patricia and Becca!! They had wonderful stories of what God taught them during those trying times. Praise the Lord! And even though the plane was delayed quite a while, God used that time waiting at the airport to allow us to share the Gospel with the children and men also waiting.

Another highlight from Wednesday (for the Americans at least) was being able to watch the Jesus film in the Narongor Village. How incredible it was to witness the life of Christ in the Turkana language!
Although this was the first time the U.S. team saw the film, there has been a team showing it every night in the villages! God has used this film to bring HUNDREDS into His Kingdom.

Thursday we had another wonderful day sharing the love of Christ in the Village of Narongor. This church was on fire for the Lord! Before we even got there the church was PACKED with worshiping brothers and sisters. God continues to put us in awe at the beauty of His people and the strength of His power. It was also a special day for the people of Galena Bible Church as they were able to meet the pastors that their church (and church members) support.
Gary and Graham continue to have a wonderful time teaching the pastors of Turkana how to be the leaders God has called them to be. All the pastors are extremely dedicated and are excited to implement all they have learned.

All glory be to GOD as we continue to see more and more people drawn nto His Kingdom. Every day all the ministries are overwhelmed with how many people are willing to give their lives to Christ and desire to know Him more.

– Tomorrow, our last day in the villages (Nakabaran Village)
– Danny Kirst who is very sick and was unable to do ministry today
– Sickness among other team members
– Continued prayer for hearts to be opened and lives to be saved
– The growing churches
Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers!
God bless!

The Kenya Team








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