Islam in Africa

February 28, 2011

This movie was produced by the media team with Africa Inland Mission. It walks through the life of a Muslim man in Africa. Though this man lives in a coastal area, much different than that of Turkanaland, his eternity none the less is uncertain to him.

Anti-Christian forces are advancing in large numbers from the north towards Turkanaland  in the south, into the sub-Saharan Africa, a region that for over a century has witnessed and spread the only true freedom found only in Christ Jesus. Kenya borders a few of the predominantly anti-Christian countries just north of the Equator.

This is why we believe it is so important to help grow and strengthen the church in Turkanaland and send out native missionaries to spread the Gospel of Christ into Sudan so that people will not die without the saving knowledge of Christ there.

To read about one of our missionaries awaiting sponsorship scroll down click the view the Church Growth page.

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