Hepzibah Akigeno is Praying for a Sponsor!

August 31, 2016

Hepzibah Akigeno


Date of Birth: 2007
Birthplace: Kanamkemer Village
Hepzibah Akigeno is a student needing $35/month. 

Hepzibah Akigeno

Name of the Child: Hepzibah Akigeno

DOB: 06/14/2007

Birthplace: Ille Village

School: Queen of Peace Academy

Family Information:

Hepzibah’s Father divorced her mother in 2002. Since then, life has become too hard for the family.

The mother is a gospel singer and she has no permanent job to take care of her children with. She has two sisters.

Hepzibah is now in Grade 3 at Queen of Peace Academy and is expecting to join 4th Grade in 2017.

Her performance is progressively promising. He is growing physically and spiritually well. She likes sciences subjects in school. She would like to be an optician one day. Hepzibah likes skipping games and likes watching foot ball.

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