Heavy Storm Damage

April 7, 2013
April 4, 2013
Dear Share International Friend,
We are all grateful to the Lord for the rain, especially in a place like Turkanaland! The Lord has provided rain in Turkanaland three years in a row now. Which means we’ve not had to make urgent appeals for foodstuffs; drought has been limited to fewer regions of Turkana County the past three years. Praise God!  
There was a major storm in Lodwar today (see pictures). It caused extensive damage to our office building, ripped off the car shed and a section of the roof of our temporary conference/classroom building, blew away our temporary papyrus classroom, and damaged the SEND Center’s construction grade beam holes. It all happened suddenly (like a tornado!) as our entire staff was concluding their monthly meeting in one of the offices and while a Turkana Girls Empowerment teaching session was in progress. Some of the debris was blown over 500 yards away! We thank God no one was injured. 
While our Lodwar Office carries out an assessment of the damage, I appeal for urgent financial help to repair and/or rebuild the structures so that normalcy in some of the ministries directly affected may resume the soonest possible.
You can make your donation online through our General Fund here or kindly send a donation to Share International, Inc. 207 North Service Road East, Ruston, LA 71270. Kindly designate the donation to “Storm Damage Repairs”.
Thank you for standing with us through this temporary difficulty. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
Sammy Murimi.
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