Happy St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2011

You might think that it is odd to see mention of St. Patrick’s Day on a mission organization’s blog. A holiday in our culture that celebrates drinking and the like seems like an unlikely topic here. However, Saint Patrick was about missions. He was enslaved as a teenager and ran away only to come back to Ireland as a missionary to the Irish. Patrick writes:

“It was not my grace, but God who overcometh in me, so that I came to the heathen Irish to preach the Gospel . . . to a people newly come to belief which the Lord took from the ends of the earth.”

The clover is associated with St. Patrick because he was said to have used the three leaf clover to help explain the Trinity to new believers and seeker of Christ.

So, today, to celebrate Saint Patrick and his willingness to return to a place that held him in slavery in order to bring the salvation of Christ to his people in Ireland, instead of having a beer, remember one of our missionary brothers in Turkanaland or India. Pray for them and consider sending them some support to help provide for their families as they fearlessly make “disciples of all nations”, just like St. Patrick did. Some of them are listed below or you can click here to read more about our ministry to support native missionaries.

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