Graduation Story

May 18, 2013


Below is an email from David Imana that he sent to his sponsor who supported him though Children of the Kingdom for many years.
I graduated last Sunday (12th May) and attached are some of the photos I took during the commencement.
 I am sending them to you  because you have been a brother, a teacher, an advisor and a dad to me since my undergraduate to graduate school now. Whatever you started in me is still growing each day. Thanks a lot once more.
Be blessed brother,
David Jnr
In this season of graduations, I am so thankful for this success story and especially for his words of thanks: “whatever you started in me is still growing each day.”  David Imana is one of our graduates who was the first to sponsor another Turkana child in the K-12 education, and he has set the stage for others who have completed the program to give back and make a difference. 

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