Food Distribution in Kangkukus and Nakoriongora Villages

March 7, 2011

Last week the Share International Staff used the generous donations that were given toward emergency foodstuffs to purchase and distribute food and water to two remote villages who have been most effected by the drought in Turkanaland, Kenya. The village of Kangkukus was one such village. Kangkuks is about 22 miles form the main town of Lodwar and has had a church planted there by James Apak, who is one of SI’s trained missionaries.

In the village of Nakoriongora, about 26 miles from the main town of Lodwar, food and water were distributed as well, plus the Share International Health Program treated 150 adults and 60 children. From this village water was also distributed to a neighboring village, although they had no tank to store water, so a staff member stayed overnight to fill the villagers individual small containers from the water-truck.

Praise God because lives are being saved from starvation right now, and the love and Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is being shared. Thank you all who donated. We will be raising additional funds to purchase more food and and distribute more water in the coming weeks, your support of these needs is always appreciated and tax deductible.

Villagers pick up any spilled beans from the gravel and dirt.

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