Eunice Akitanda Alany is Praying for a Sponsor!

August 31, 2016

Eunice Akitanda Alany


Date of Birth: 2009
Birthplace: Ille Village
Eunice Akitanda Alany is a student needing $35/month. 

Eunice Akitanda Alany

Name of the Child: Eunice Akitanda Alany

DOB: 04/08/2009

Birthplace: Ille Village

School: Ilima Integrated Academy

Family Information:

Eunice lives with her parents Lodwar town. She has only one sister who is in baby Class. Her father is a fisher-man in Lake Turkana. They depend on selling of little fish to earn a living daily. The Income earned out of selling fish is not able to sustain the family basic needs and also supporting her in terms of education.

Eunice is now at Ilima Intergrated Academy School Top Class and expecting to join Class One next year in 2017.

Her performance is quite promising. She is growing physically and spiritually well. She likes Art and Mathematics in school.
She would like to be a pilot one day. Eunice also likes playing football.

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