Children of the Kingdom Child Sponsorships

When you choose to sponsor a child through Children of the Kingdom, you have the opportunity to identify with your assigned child, love him, pray for him, and send messages of encouragement through letters. The child you sponsor will be connected to a caring local church and will have a chance to get an education, better health care and nutrition.

Most important of all, your sponsored child will learn about Jesus…

University Students Report

These students, and others like them, are the future of Turkanaland.  They are studying ways to improve the lives of the Turkana people.  Please pray for these students as they struggle with the different cultures they must deal with as they study away from their homes in Turkanaland.  You can help transform the lives of many people by sponsoring a child to attend university.  Many, who have finished secondary school, are anxiously waiting for sponsors so they can enroll in college.


Belamy, Ivy, and Wilson are studying Environmental Sciences at Masinde Muliro University.  Wilson will graduate next year and Belamy and Ivy are 2nd year students.


Kamaret is studying statistics at Kirinyaga University, and is doing very well.


Everline is  studying Animal Health at the Aihiti Health Institute, where it is much colder than where she                       lived in Turkanaland.

samwel-ejikon-standing-in-upright-way                                      Samuel is studying Agriculture and Technology at Jomo Kenyatta University in Nairobi.

Jackson Ekamais Ekai is Praying for a Sponsor!

Jackson Ekamais Ekai

Jackson Ekamais






Date of Birth: 2014
Birthplace: Eldoret
Jackson Ekamais Ekai is a student needing $35/month. 


Hepzibah Akigeno is Praying for a Sponsor!

Hepzibah Akigeno


Date of Birth: 2007
Birthplace: Kanamkemer Village
Hepzibah Akigeno is a student needing $35/month. 


Eunice Akitanda Alany is Praying for a Sponsor!

Eunice Akitanda Alany


Date of Birth: 2009
Birthplace: Ille Village
Eunice Akitanda Alany is a student needing $35/month. 


Collins Lodio Epem is Praying for a Sponsor!

Collins Lodio Epem


Date of Birth: 2012
Birthplace: Lodwar
Collins Lodio Epem is a student needing $35/month. 


Eliud Epem is praying for a sponsor!

Eliud Epem



Date of Birth: October 10, 1991
Birthplace: Lodwar
Eliud Epem is a university student needing $65/month 

Samson Ekal is praying for a sponsor!

Samson Ekal

Samson Ekal 2014

Date of Birth: 1994
Birthplace: Lodwar
Samson Ekal is a student needing $35/month 

Petero Nawet is praying for a sponsor!

Petero Nawet

petero nawet 2014


Date of Birth: 1995
Birthplace: Lodwar
Petero Nawet is a student needing $35/month 

Samwel Lopeyok is praying for a sponsor!

Samwel Lopeyok

Samuel Lopeyok - Waiting List

Date of Birth: 1996
Birthplace: Lokitaung
Samwel Lopeyok is an 8th grade student needing $35/month

Julie Lowoyan is praying for a sponsor!

Julie Lowoyan

Julie-Lowoyan-Waiting List

Date of Birth: 1997
Birthplace: Lokitaung
Julie Lowoyan is a 9th grade student needing $35/month