Church Planting in Nayanae Esikirat Village

Nayanae Esikirat village is in the northern part of Turkanaland and is surrounded by other tribes and a refugee camp.  The village has a high number of people who drink alcoholic spirits.  The evangelism team had to speak in Turkana, English, and Arabic for all of the people to understand the message.   The evangelism team traveled 140km to reach these people on this outreach.  They visited the people in their homes, preached in the open air, held a revival, and conducted a Sunday morning service.  The total number who came to see the Jesus film and attend the revival and church services was 1,808 and 226 confessed Jesus as their Savior.   As the evangelism and church planting teams plant new churches among the unreached villages, new missionaries are needed to minister to these new Christians.  Share is training 40 missionary students each 18 months to become the spiritual leaders for these new churches.  Please prayerfully consider sponsoring one of these missionary trainees.  The next class starts in August of 2017, after the current class graduates.praying-this-family-after-receiving-salvation

Praying with a family who accepted Christ in their home.


Praying with many new believers after the service.


The revival was attended by 258 people


Setting up the screen to show the Jesus film.  A total of 1377 people came to see the Jesus film.


Preaching at the open air service.


Sunday morning church attendance.

Share’s Missionary Trainees

Share International has 60 trained missionaries spread across Turkanaland and has a class of 40 missionary trainees who will graduate in July 2017.  When they graduate, they will be sent out to plant new churches in the unreached villages in Turkanaland.  A new class of 40 missionary trainees will begin 18 months of training in August of 2017.

The cost for each missionary trainee is $180 per month or $2,160 per year.  If God is calling you to do more to reach out to people who have never heard the Gospel and have no opportunity join the kingdom of believers, please consider sponsoring one of the trainees for the August 2017 class.


The current missionary trainees who will graduate in July 2017, with their teachers.

Share’s Bible Pathways Classes For Missionaries

The fundamental goal of Share International is to bring the Gospel to the people of Turkanaland, Kenya.  The Bible Pathways class is one of the ways Share makes sure our missionaries are able to teach effectively from the Bible.  There are currently 180 Bible Pathways students in Turkanaland.

The cost for Bible Pathways training is $600 per year for each missionary trained.  bp-class-at-kalemngorok-with-missionary-alfred-morulem-standing-outside-church-building

The Bible Pathways class in Kalemngorok with Missionary Alfred Morulem

missionary-alfred-morulem-infront-of-bp-class-in-sessionLocal pastors learning to teach effectively from the Bible from Share Missionary Alfred Morulem.  Kainuk has historically been a place often raided by the Pokot people.  Having a Bible Pathways class located in this area is truly a blessing from God.

SEND Center – Wishing You A Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We are excited to be entering 2015 with you! We have many exciting goals for the year. One of our top priorities is to furnish the SEND (Share Eternity through Nationals Daily) Center so as to make it fully functional the soonest possible. We’ve already started using the Center as intended – training national missionaries and pastors. The picture above depicts a team from Bible Pathways (a program of ReachGlobal) teaching Expository Preaching to our pastors and missionaries inside the SEND Center’s Conference Hall last month.


The SEND Center has now started to serve as a key Sub-Saharan East Africa hub to teach our Church local leaders how to dig deeper into the Word of God and they, in turn, teach many others (2 Tim. 2:2) who will engage in extensive evangelism and discipleship. It has started to happen! The vision for the Center is now being realized! We now have a total of 52 missionaries and pastors that we are supporting and training – all because of your continued prayers and support. We want to continue to place more, better-trained missionaries in that region. We have 11 already trained waiting to be sent in 2015 to reach the Teuso of Uganda and the Jie & Murle of Ethiopia at $350/mo; and the Turkana of Kenya at $180/mo. We invite you help us send them (Rom. 10:15).

Together we can do it!

 Thank you for standing with us!