STORM 2017 Update July 11 to July 13

July 11

Our team went out for the second day to Nariamao village. By day’s end, 26 had made professions of faith and were baptized by Pastor Bob and Sammy. Men, women and children came to know the Lord and the saints in Heaven rejoiced, along with us here. Our pastors continued their training. New concepts in rapid discipleship were shared. Not only do they want to reach their own tribe, they now have a vision of being missionaries to their neighboring tribes. They have a renewed passion for Matthew 28:19, “to go and make disciples of all nations.” It was a blessed day. We go to a new village tomorrow…Sopel. Keep praying as our work continues.


July 12

We journeyed an hour yesterday to the village of Sopel. Hundreds were there under trees waiting for our team to arrive. We were greeted by dancing and singing. Each team went to its assigned cluster of trees to minister to the people. Many professed their faith for the first time and will be baptized. We will return today, if that is possible, since it has rained all night! We are in the dry season and a severe drought. God has blessed this dry and thirsty land with abundant rain, an answer to prayer. The rivers will be flowing again in Turkanaland! Praise the Lord (but keep the mosquitoes away)!


July 13

We attempted to go back to Sopel today but the river was raging over the road we were on and we had to return to the Center. Just spent time in prayer together as a team. May this rain give the Turkana people the relief they have been praying for.

The Ministry Teams Visit to Kalokutanyang Village

The ministry teams (men, women, girls, children, church growth, and evangelism) traveled to Kalokutanyang to share the Gospel with the people in the village.

Teaching the children about Jesus and God’s love for them.  One hundred and forty-nine children attended during the 2 day visit.

The men are praying in Kalokutanyang where 97 men attended the service and 19 accepted Jesus as their savior.

The men were very happy to receive shirts from the men’s ministry team.

The evangelism team is preparing to show the Jesus film.  One hundred and fifty-five people saw the film and 9 people were saved.

The girls are taught how to grow into God-fearing women.  Forty-two attended the seminar and 1 girl gave her life to Christ.

The Evangelism Team and COK working Together to Plant a Church

The Evangelism Team and the Children of the Kingdom (COK) student outreach worked together in the village of Nawaountos to show the Jesus film and to plant a new church. Missionary student, James Echarait, will be the new missionary in charge of this newly planted church. Of the 170 who saw the Jesus film in Nawaountos, 56 declared Jesus as their Savior. In Oropoi, 440 people saw the Jesus film in the Turkana language. In Nawountos, a Muslim man who saw the film was touched by seeing the sacrifice that Jesus made for him. A total of 97 people were saved in these two villages. We are so excited to have the COK students help plant a new church on their outreach in December. What an experience for these young adults!

The Evangelism Team and COK children had to level the ground so the truck could get to the village.

Setting up the screen to show the Jesus film.