Pastor’s Training by Pastor Trent

This is tonight’s pastor training session. Pastor Trent gave a great lesson on Matt 28:19-20. He taught about the rythym of discipleship. Tomorrow, we leave very early for the remote village of Kaabanang. This is an unreached village…few if any have heard the Gospel there. Our team will go hut to hut in the morning, sharing about ourselves and Christ. Then we will have group sessions in the village center and show the Jesus film in the evening. We will also be spending the night there, in tents, so that we can begin early Saturday with our teaching and baptisms. PLEASE continue in prayer for us. This is a unique (and a little scary) experience for the team. We have some hesitant people but trust fully that God will give them/us strength. Good night.

Building Christ’s Kingdom Through Training and Sending

Share International built a training center in Lodwar that opened in 2014.  It is the central training facility for teaching missionary trainees, Bible Pathways students, Sunday School teachers, and a place for many of the ministry team leaders to conduct their training programs.  Share now needs a Resource Center for these training programs.  This resource center will be a source for books, training materials, videos, and teaching aids for all of Share’s indigenous missionaries, pastors, Bible Pathways students, Sunday School teachers, Adult Literacy trainers, evangelism teams, and the Lodwar staff.

The cost of this new resource center will be approximately $35,000.  We are trusting God to provide the funding for this addition to the training center, but are also asking for the prayers and support of all of God’s people.  Please consider helping with this project with a donation.

send-centerThis is the SEND Center.  From left to right:  The guest cottages, the restroom, the conference/training center, a corner of the men’s dorms (which can sleep up to 40 men), the kitchen/dining room, and the water tanks (the only source of “potable” water currently…please don’t drink it!).

A Message from Sammy Murimi

Dear Share Partner,

STORM Children of KingdomIt’s exactly one week today since completion of the 10 days’ 2016 Short-Term Outreach and Relief Mission (STORM) in Turkanaland, Kenya. The Lord used the combined team of 18 Americans and 10 Africans, together with the Share staff and volunteer interpreters, to minister to 2,226 residents of six villages. A total of 1,526 viewed The Jesus Film in all six villages. Altogether, a total of 406 people received Christ as Savior!

Over 100 missionaries, including our current class of 39 missionary trainees, from across Turkanaland attended teaching/training sessions by STORM’s Bible Pathways and Eldership/Leadership teaching teams at the SEND Center each day. A total of 26 Sunday School teachers from various villages also received extensive training at the Center.

I invite you to visit to view and read reports about what the Lord did through this year’s STORM team.

Thank you SO MUCH for your continued prayers and financial support for the Share. Because of your intentional involvement with Share, many “beautiful feet” (Rom. 10:14,15) continue to be trained and sent to take the “good news” to the uttermost corners of Turkanaland. Our commitment is to reach the remaining 2/3 of the 1M Turkana people with the Gospel and plant as many self-multiplying, holistic churches as possible by 2020. We are staying the course for the Cause of Christ – one village at a time! We ask you to stay the course with us. Your increased support and prayers will help the “beautiful feet” on the battlefield accomplish the Mission.

Please see our donation page to make your donation online, or mail your donation to Share International, Inc., P.O. Box 1011, Wolfforth, TX 79382.

Serving the King of kings with you,

Sammy Murimi
(Turkanaland, Kenya)

SEND Center – Wishing You A Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We are excited to be entering 2015 with you! We have many exciting goals for the year. One of our top priorities is to furnish the SEND (Share Eternity through Nationals Daily) Center so as to make it fully functional the soonest possible. We’ve already started using the Center as intended – training national missionaries and pastors. The picture above depicts a team from Bible Pathways (a program of ReachGlobal) teaching Expository Preaching to our pastors and missionaries inside the SEND Center’s Conference Hall last month.


The SEND Center has now started to serve as a key Sub-Saharan East Africa hub to teach our Church local leaders how to dig deeper into the Word of God and they, in turn, teach many others (2 Tim. 2:2) who will engage in extensive evangelism and discipleship. It has started to happen! The vision for the Center is now being realized! We now have a total of 52 missionaries and pastors that we are supporting and training – all because of your continued prayers and support. We want to continue to place more, better-trained missionaries in that region. We have 11 already trained waiting to be sent in 2015 to reach the Teuso of Uganda and the Jie & Murle of Ethiopia at $350/mo; and the Turkana of Kenya at $180/mo. We invite you help us send them (Rom. 10:15).

Together we can do it!

 Thank you for standing with us!