Creative Giving

At the Greenleafton Reformed Church in Minnesota, VBS children and Junior High students raised almost $1,500 to purchase goats for very poor Turkana families through the SI Livestock Program. On the opening night of the fundraiser, the church invited a local farmer to bring in some goats and explain how important they can be to a family living in poverty because they provide meat and milk; they are hardy animals that withstand extreme environments and can eat virtually any type of vegetation.

Below are some of the people who benefitted from the funds raised by these amazing children!

Sat July 27

Mother of 6 whose goats all died during a drought. She sells firewood and mats.

Sat July 27

Mother of 5 children whose goats died during a severe drought. Works weaving mats and brooms and selling them.

Sat July 27

A Christian widow who lives in a camp after being displaced after the post election violence of 2007 and 2008.

Sat July 27

Mother of 6 children whose goats died of disease.

You can purchase a heard of goats, consisting of 1 male and 3 females to donate to a family living in poverty in Turkanaland for $144 using the button below.


Turkana Trip 2013: Accomplishments

VAT: SEND Center Building Strategy

The VAT (Vision and Advisory Team) members on the trip and Taylor Kilpatrick (the SEND Construction Project Manager in Lodwar) agreed that the construction plans need to shift a bit in order to get the mass pastoral training going as soon as possible, which is the heart of the SEND Center. Upon return, the VAT members recommended to the Board that construction of two dormitories on an existing concrete slab start right away. While we continue to build cottages, particularly the ones already funded (which can be used for other guests or our visiting professors), the dormitories will house many more pastors than the cottages. The Board has approved the shift. Taylor will begin construction of the dormitories as soon as funds become available.

Dr Sammy handing over laptop to SICOK student

VAT (Vision and Advisory Team) & TTU (Texas Tech University) Professors: Ministries in Villages


Also at the Share International Offices:

  • Wayne, Doug & Roger met their supported missionaries, child, & recipients of goats.

  • Sammy presented laptop tablets to 4 COK students donated by a a long-time supporter of COK from Tenessee.

  • Sammy presented 2 motorbikes to Missionaries Reuben Lotaparan & Peter Kaaleng donated by a generous couple from Louisiana.

  • Doug Neve presented 100 Tyndale’s Life Application Study Bibles to the SI Lodwar Office to be distributed to the Turkana missionaries, pastors, and church leaders. The Bibles were donated by one of the SI Board members.

Food distribution at Nakabaran


The initial and necessary contacts have now been established between TTU, SI, and professors of Government universities and local leaders in Kenya. Communication is now underway to map the way forward towards the possibility of realizing the proposed projects that will benefit the Turkana people. The progress looks very promising.


ShareNet 2011

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