The Evangelism Team and COK working Together to Plant a Church

The Evangelism Team and the Children of the Kingdom (COK) student outreach worked together in the village of Nawaountos to show the Jesus film and to plant a new church. Missionary student, James Echarait, will be the new missionary in charge of this newly planted church. Of the 170 who saw the Jesus film in Nawaountos, 56 declared Jesus as their Savior. In Oropoi, 440 people saw the Jesus film in the Turkana language. In Nawountos, a Muslim man who saw the film was touched by seeing the sacrifice that Jesus made for him. A total of 97 people were saved in these two villages. We are so excited to have the COK students help plant a new church on their outreach in December. What an experience for these young adults!

The Evangelism Team and COK children had to level the ground so the truck could get to the village.

Setting up the screen to show the Jesus film.

Church Planting in Nayanae Esikirat Village

Nayanae Esikirat village is in the northern part of Turkanaland and is surrounded by other tribes and a refugee camp.  The village has a high number of people who drink alcoholic spirits.  The evangelism team had to speak in Turkana, English, and Arabic for all of the people to understand the message.   The evangelism team traveled 140km to reach these people on this outreach.  They visited the people in their homes, preached in the open air, held a revival, and conducted a Sunday morning service.  The total number who came to see the Jesus film and attend the revival and church services was 1,808 and 226 confessed Jesus as their Savior.   As the evangelism and church planting teams plant new churches among the unreached villages, new missionaries are needed to minister to these new Christians.  Share is training 40 missionary students each 18 months to become the spiritual leaders for these new churches.  Please prayerfully consider sponsoring one of these missionary trainees.  The next class starts in August of 2017, after the current class graduates.praying-this-family-after-receiving-salvation

Praying with a family who accepted Christ in their home.


Praying with many new believers after the service.


The revival was attended by 258 people


Setting up the screen to show the Jesus film.  A total of 1377 people came to see the Jesus film.


Preaching at the open air service.


Sunday morning church attendance.