Bible Pathways in Kalemgorok

The Bible Pathways students at Kalemgorok were very happy to receive copies of the Bible for personal study.  Some of the missing members of this class were unable to stay in Kalemgorok because the drought has caused widespread water shortages, and people must migrate to find water and grazing for their animals.

Bible Pathways Classes

The number Bible Pathways classes is growing as the Share missionaries take what they’ve learned about teaching from the Bible to the villages where they serve.  As the students in each of these classes matures in the ability to read and understand the Scripture, God’s kingdom in Turkanaland gains more bold evangelist to take the Word to the Turkana people.  All students are given their own Bibles .  Audible Bibles are given to those who have not yet learned to read and write.  Share is also expanding its Adult Literacy classes to enable more people to read the Bible.

Moses Loburuk with his Bible Pathways class at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Turkanaland

Peter Adir presented Bibles to the Bible Pathways students in Neyanaemeyen Village

Joseph Lotuk with his Bible Pathways students in Neyanaemeyen Village

The Bible Pathways class in Kakuma Refugee Camp were happy to receive their own Bibles.

Building Christ’s Kingdom Through Training and Sending

Share International built a training center in Lodwar that opened in 2014.  It is the central training facility for teaching missionary trainees, Bible Pathways students, Sunday School teachers, and a place for many of the ministry team leaders to conduct their training programs.  Share now needs a Resource Center for these training programs.  This resource center will be a source for books, training materials, videos, and teaching aids for all of Share’s indigenous missionaries, pastors, Bible Pathways students, Sunday School teachers, Adult Literacy trainers, evangelism teams, and the Lodwar staff.

The cost of this new resource center will be approximately $35,000.  We are trusting God to provide the funding for this addition to the training center, but are also asking for the prayers and support of all of God’s people.  Please consider helping with this project with a donation.

send-centerThis is the SEND Center.  From left to right:  The guest cottages, the restroom, the conference/training center, a corner of the men’s dorms (which can sleep up to 40 men), the kitchen/dining room, and the water tanks (the only source of “potable” water currently…please don’t drink it!).

Share’s Bible Pathways Classes For Missionaries

The fundamental goal of Share International is to bring the Gospel to the people of Turkanaland, Kenya.  The Bible Pathways class is one of the ways Share makes sure our missionaries are able to teach effectively from the Bible.  There are currently 180 Bible Pathways students in Turkanaland.

The cost for Bible Pathways training is $600 per year for each missionary trained.  bp-class-at-kalemngorok-with-missionary-alfred-morulem-standing-outside-church-building

The Bible Pathways class in Kalemngorok with Missionary Alfred Morulem

missionary-alfred-morulem-infront-of-bp-class-in-sessionLocal pastors learning to teach effectively from the Bible from Share Missionary Alfred Morulem.  Kainuk has historically been a place often raided by the Pokot people.  Having a Bible Pathways class located in this area is truly a blessing from God.