Catching the Vision

December 8, 2012

Kristi Gilbert is a leader of a girl scout troop here in Seattle, WA and invited Emily and Anna Huff to come talk to the girls about Children of the Kingdom. It was a great tie-in to what they are working on this year: “Discover. Connect. Take action.”  It was also a bonus that some of the 2nd graders have been learning about Kenya and Ethiopia in school.

Kristi read about the bracelets that students made at Rice University in August where donors gave funds for each bracelet that was made.  She took the idea and made it fit her scout troop. After Emily and Anna talked a little bit and showed some pictures, girls were challenged to consider giving a gift through the alternative Christmas gifts program. Then they made some Christmas decorations.  A donor had generously given $200 for the Christmas ornaments project, and those funds were given to Children of the Kingdom.

We are so thankful for the gift of others catching the vision of this ministry and partnering with us!

When I told Sammy about this, he responded with this message: “Absolutely amazing! It’s God at work in the hearts of His people. We do our part with God’s help; He inspires those with a heart to do His will for the sake of others. That’s what Kristi has allowed the Lord to do through her. May the Lord bless the work that her scout troop has done.”

(pictured below: Kristi and her daughter Ellie at the girl scout meeting)

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