October 14, 2015

It’s happening among Turkana men!

Being a strongly patriarchal society, the Turkana man exercises enormous authority at home and in community. Over time, it was becoming increasingly crucial for Share to reach and share the Gospel particularly with the Turkana men. By end of 2014, only about 5-10% of those attending evangelistic meetings, church services, and Discipleship classes in just 7 of the nearly 200 churches planted by Share missionaries and pastors were men. The rest were women and children.

In January this year, we invited Pastor David Nakain to join the Share staff as the Men’s Ministry Coordinator. By September, the number of men attending meetings had increased to 67% in 11 villages and churches that David had visited. A total of 1,460 men attended the meetings, with a total of 215 confessing, repenting and receiving Christ as Savior!

Lately, David has been teaching the men about Heaven, and encouraging them to remain faithful to the Lord and in their participation in the Men’s Fellowship and activities in their respective churches. Men in one of the churches said, “We are very happy about what Share is doing among us and involving us in spreading the Good News of salvation among our own Turkana communities.”

The Holy Spirit is convicting these men of sin and using David to lead them to Christ for salvation. They are turning up in increasing numbers in the churches where Share-supported missionaries and pastors serve the Lord within Turkanaland. It’s an unprecedented breakthrough!

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The Lord bless you.



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